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We manufacture air conditioning...
...and we also assemble it.
About us

Who we are

We are a family and stable company based in Šternberk (Olomouc Region). We operate mainly on the Czech market, the subject of our business is everything related to air conditioning and air conditioning complex "from A to Z". Our activity is based on long-term professional experience to satisfy the customer in all its requirements.

History and Present

The company was founded in 1991 by privatization of the state enterprise Kovo-Dřevo, s. p., which was founded in 1964 as a District industrial company and was among the first companies in the former Czechoslovakia producing air. Thus, we are able to employ many experienced workers from the original company and maintain the tradition of ventilation in Šternberk. In 1992, our company due to the expansion of the production program and introduction of new technologies moved to its own premises in Šternberk (about 20 km from Olomouc), which still resides. Now is a dynamically developing company with the aim of improving the quality of products and services to our customers.

The most important milestones in our company

  • in 2002 - changed the legal form of the company to a limited liability company
  • in 2005 - 2008 is to expand the company, within which were built three new production and storage hall (now do business on an area of 3.320 m2)
  • in 2008 - 2012 were established new, modern machinery and technology for the production of air conditioning
  • in 2013 - implemented a new information system, including WIP and finished goods through barcode.

Privacy Policy

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We offer


We focus on producing square and round pipes including accessories of galvanized steel sheet group I up to III, in class tightness A up to C. We are producing also the pipes from another materials, such as Ne, Fe, Cu, Al, Aluzinek, etc. Or we can make atypical pipes and equipment according to your order, for example filters, compensators, digetories, bench elements as well as tinsmith elements, pipes from ALP material, constructions and another things.


Drawing the situation and solution design, project processing 3D graphics output, 2D view, pricing, retail, transport the products to the customer, installation, commissioning and operator training, isolation, measurement and control, service and revision.

Josef Zmrzlík

Josef Zmrzlík


telefon: 602 784 600

email: j.zmrzlik@vzt-zmrzlik.cz

Marta Juráňová

Marta Juráňová

executive (services)

telefon: 603 851 372

email: m.juranova@vzt-zmrzlik.cz

Radka Kočí

Radka Kočí

executive (production)

telefon: 603 851 377

email: r.koci@vzt-zmrzlik.cz

Ing. Petr Kočí

Ing. Petr Kočí

budget department

telefon: 603 851 376

email: p.koci@vzt-zmrzlik.cz

Zbyněk Apolenář, DiS.

Zbyněk Apolenář, DiS.

project manager

telefon: 731 937 238

email: z.apolenar@vzt-zmrzlik.cz



dispatching, warehouses

telefon: 585 011 473

email: obchod@vzt-zmrzlik.cz