Here you will find our range of atypical, including channels for ventilation of houses, sandwich pipe, digestory, capping and hood, compensators, and console design, filter elements and other specialties.


General information

The aim of atypical parts:

  • When you need something special, such as components according to your supplied drawings, or non-standard dimensions or material.

Types of atypical products:

  • Pipe channels (Pipeline flat sections) for low-energy houses and flats.
  • ALP full-fledged replacement for rectangular ducts sk. I made of galvanized steel with insulation.
  • We produce custom metalwork components from different profile, L, I, T, U, flat steel, pipes and jeckels.
  • Square and round filter chambers and grease filters are used as a filter element duct system.
  • We produce various types of digestories and capps which are made of various materials according to customer requirements.
  • We offer production insectariums houseníkového type on order. Can be used for breeding insects.
  • And so on...

Luxuriously can be coated atypical components by flanges according to customer requirements outside the dimensional table or use a steel profile flange primed. To increase corrosion resistance ductwork can protect the paint or komaxit. At the customer we can supply pipes insulated or thermal insulation, including fire covered with iron (insulation to metal).